Leading Scientist, Laboratory of soil erosion and fluvial processes
Moscow State University, Geographical Faculty
199991 Moscow Leninskiye Gory GSP-1
Russian English

Academic qualifications
  • DSc, (geography, hydrology, hydrochemistry), Moscow State University, 1992.
  • PhD, (geography, geomorphology, palaeogeography), Moscow State University, 1975
  • MSc, (Hons) (geography, geomorphology), Moscow State University, 1971.

Honours/distinctions/membership of societies, institutions, committees
  • Marsden Award (2002) for research on stochastic mechanics of soil erosion.
  • Member of European Society of Soil Conservation and Russian Academy of Water Science.
  • Member of Committee on Land Use and Climate Change Impact on the Fluvial Systems (LUCIFS), project of PAGES, IGBP.
  • Developer of conceptual and mathematical models of river channel patterns and morphology.
  • Developer of mathematical models of soil erosion, gully erosion, sediment budget in the fluvial systems, and river delta formation.

Professional positions held

  • 1990-present Leading Scientist, Geographical Faculty, Moscow University.
  • 2001-2006 Senior Erosion Modeller, Landcare Research, New Zealand.
  • 1983-1990 Head of the Laboratory of Soil Erosion and Fluvial Processes, Faculty of Geography, Moscow University.
  • 1976-1978 Scientist, Faculty of Geography, Moscow University.
  • 1974-1976 Scientist, Pacific-Ocean Institute of Geography, Vladivostok.
  • 1971-1974 Scientist, Faculty of Geography, Moscow University.
  • 1969-1971 Engineer, Faculty of Geography, Moscow University.

Present research/professional speciality

Fluvial geomorphology, erosion modelling, palaeohydrology

Major publications

Sidorchuk A., Mikhinov A. 1985. Alluvial relief morphology and dynamics. VINITI Publ., Moscow, 164 pp.
Sidorchuk A. 1992. River channel relief structure. Gidrometeoizdat, Sankt-Petersburg, 126 pp.
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conference presentations
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The field work results
Nigeria 1978-79
Terek 1979-93 
Vychegda 1996
Vychegda 1997
Yamal 1990_1997

Major achievements in commercial, social and environmental areas
  • Developed the stochastic model of soil erosion. Constructed physically based models of sheet, landslide, gully, stream bank, and earth flow erosion, and associated transport of sediment to stream networks at catchment scale. 
  • Extended erosion models to carbon-loss models at a range of landscape scales to simulate for the next 20 years the contribution of anthropogenic-induced erosion to New Zealand's national carbon budget.
  • Developed and verified a process-based model of gully erosion for semi-arid environments as a Visiting Fellow, CSIRO Division of Hydrological Research.
  • Conducted hydrological and channel deformation investigations for the Nigerian Steel Development Authority to protect the water intake on the Niger River for the steel plant in Adjaokuta from the bank erosion and river bed aggradation.

Demonstration of relationships with end-users

  • Led analysis of river channel longitudinal profile transformation at dammed lake section for protection of Tyrnyaus town from debris avalanche hazards for the Russian Ministry of Natural Resources.
  • Environmental Expert for the Department of Federal Ecological Expertise, Russian State Committee of Ecology Resources (1997-2001), Russian Ministry of Natural Resources (2001-2004) and Department of Ecological and Nuclear Expertise (2004-2007). Evaluated potential environmental impacts of urban development, navigation, oil and gas fields and pipelines for 31 schemes as expert, as head of expert groups, and as head of expert commission (usually 4 expert groups).
  • Led research for the Russian Ministry of Water Resources to recommend ways of decreasing flood hazards in the Terek River flood protection project.
  • Led Erosion and Thermo-erosion Team at the Bovanenkovskoye gas field for the Russian Stock Company GAZPROM. The team developed and verified erosion models for permafrost environment, and made a prognosis on erosion hazards at the gas exploitation field and protection of the gas transport facilities from the gully evolution. 
  • Led investigations of water quality in creeks and small rivers of the Kular goldmine field for the USSR Ministry of Mineral Resources and made recommendations to decrease pollution from mining works. 


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