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Laboratory of soil erosion and fluvial processes
Moscow State University, Geographical Faculty
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XI INQUA Congress, Moscow, 1982
Holocene history of river deltas in the Arctic zone of Siberia (with Korotayev V.N.) abstract PDF

Third Int. Geomorphology Conference Aug.23-28 1993. McMaster Univ., Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, 1993
Gully thermoerosion on the Yamal peninsula. 
abstract PDF

Workshop on soil erosion in semi-arid Mediterranean areas. Taormina, Italy, 1993
The history of erosion on the northern Ponto-Meotian during the period of intensive agriculture. (with Golosov V.)  
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Past Global Changes Meeting "Fluvial Systems and Global Change", Bern, Switzerland, 7-14 Feb. 1994.
Methods of investigation of Fluvial System Response to Climate and Land-cover Change.

Global Change and Terrestrial Ecosystems Workshop "Soil Erosion under Global Change", Paris, France, 29-31 March 1994.
PAGES initiative introduction; current knowledge of historical soil erosion.

International Meeting on Global Continental Palaeohydrology, Southampton, UK, 9-17 Sept. 1994.
Macromeanders of the river channels on the Russian Plain (with Chernov A.V.).

USDA - MSU Workshop on Soil Erosion. Moscow, 1994
Static and Dynamic Models for Estimation of the Gullies Dimensions

IAHS meeting: Variability in Stream Erosion and Sediment Transport. Canberra, 1994
Channel processes and erosion rates in the rivers of the Yamal Peninsula in western Siberia (with Matveev B.)
full text PDF
Rates of formation of forms in a river channel hierarchy: the case of the River Yana in northeast Russia (with Matveev B., Panin A.)  full text PDF
The effect of open cut mining on sediment transport and alluvium composition at the Omoloy River basin, Eastern Siberia

Conference: "Coherent flow structures in open channels". Univ. of Leeds, 10-12 Apr.1995
The structure of riverbed relief 
abstract PDF

Conference: "Floods, slopes and river beds, Paris, 22-24 Mar. 1995
Sediment budget in the system "Slope-gully-creek-river" on the Russian Plain.

Global Change and Geography. The IGU conference, Moscow, 1995
Paleomeanders of the rivers on the Russian Plain: geomorphological evidence of paleohydrological change (with Panin A.V., Belousova E.E.) 

Conference: "Global change: modelling soil erosion by water, Oxford, UK, 1995.
Dynamic Model for Estimation of the Gullies morphology full text PDF

IAHS Conference: "Erosion and sediment Yield: Global and Regional Perspectives, Exeter, June 1996.
Sediment Budget Change in the Fluvial System at the Central Part of the Russian Plain Due to Human Impact. 
full text PDF

Towards Sustainable Land Use, 9th Conf. of ISCO, Bonn, Sept., 1996.
Soil erosion on the Yamal peninsula (Russian Arctic) due to gas field exploitation and climate change (with Grigoriev V.)
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GLOCOPH meeting: Palaeohydrology and modelling of environmental change, Toledo, Spain, Sept., 1996.
Palaeohydrology of the Khoper River (Southern Russia) in the Late Glacial (with Panin A.V., Belousova E.E.).
abstract PDF
Channel Processes on the Yamal Peninsula (Western Siberia) during the last 2300 years. abstract PDF

Laptev Sea System 3d meeting S-Petersburg, 16-19 October 1996.
Water supply from the Yana River basin since Late Pliocene (with Panin A.V.) 
abstract PDF

4 International conference on geomorphology, Bologna, Italy, 1997.
The Hierarchical System of River Bed Relief  
abstract PDF

GSTE Soil Erosion conference, Utrecht, the Netherlands, 1997.
Gully Erosion Modelling. 
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Arctic Paleo-Rivers discharges, Boulder, USA, 1997.
Paleohydrology of the rivers of Russian Arctic.

VI Congresso da Associacao Brasilera de Estudos do Quaternario e Reuniao sobre o Quaternario da America do Sul. Curitiba, Parana, Brazil, 1997
Palaeohydrology in the Southern Russian Plain: methods and results. 
abstract PDF

FLAG conference 'River Basin Sediment Systems: Archives of Environmental Change', UK, Cheltenham, 1998.
Paleohydrology of the lower Vychegda River (Northern Russia) in the Late Glacial and the Holocene

abstract PDF
  full text PDF

Conference: River Floodplains, Exeter, UK, 1998.
Floodplain formation in the European Russia as a result of postglacial channel evolution (with Panin A.V., Chernov A.V.)

IAHS Conference: "Modelling Soil Erosion, Sediment Transport and Closely Related Hydrological Processes", Vienna, 1998.
The Model for estimating of the Gully morphology (with Anna Sidorchuk). 
full text PDF

10-th ISCO conference, West Lafayette, USA, 1999
GULTEM - The Model to Predict Gully Thermoerosion and Erosion.
full text PDF abstract PDF

Hydrological and Geochemical processes in Large scale river basins. Manaus, Brazil, 1999
The hierarchical system of alluvial relief at the large rivers.
Total sediment yield of the Lena River, Eastern Siberia (with Alekseevskiy N.I.)
abstract PDF
Hydrologic variability and floodplain sedimentation of major West Siberian Rivers (with Smith L.C.) abstract PDF

International Symposium on Gully Erosion under Global Change, Leaven, Belgium, 2000
Gully erosion investigations and prediction: experience from Russia.

GLOCOPH meeting: Hydrological Consequence of Global Climate Changes Geologic and Historic Analogs of Future Conditions, Moscow, 2000
Palaeohydrology of the rivers on the East European plain at the Late Glacial and the Holocene(with Borisova O., Panin A., Chernov A.)
full text PDF
Abrupt river regime changes at the Pleistocene - Holocene transition in the South of the East-European Plain (with Panin A., Baslerov S., Borisova O., Kovaliukh N., Sheremetskaya E., Vlasov M.) full text PDF
Late Glacial - Holocene environmental changes in the Vychegda River Basin, Northern Russia (with Baslerov S., Borisova O., Kovaliukh N., Panin A.) full text PDF
- excursion (with Panin A.V., Baslerov S.V., Borisova O.K., Kovalyukh N.N., Sheremetskaya E.D.) full text PDF

LUCIFS (PAGES IGBP) workshop, Bonn, 2000
Climate and land use changes influence on fluvial system 
full text PDF

Water Research Group (IGBP) meeting, Boulder, Colorado, 2000
Fluvial dynamics on the East European Plain 
full text PDF

International Symposium of IGCP 449 project: Global correlation of Late Cenozoic fluvial deposits. Inaugural meeting, Prague, 2001
The Neogene-Quaternary evolution of the fluvial relief at the Russian Plain: a potamological review.
 abstract PDF
Channel morphology at the Late Pleistocene - Holocene transition at the southern East-European Plain (with O. Borisova, & A. Panin) abstract PDF

International Symposium of Reihn_LUCIFS project. Dusseldorf, 2001
LUCIFS Strategy: Modelling of the Sediment Budget through the Fluvial System (with R. Wasson and D. Walling)
full text PDF

Soil Erosion Research for the 21st Century. Int. Symp., Honolulu, Hawaii, 2001
Stochastic Model to Predict Water Erosion of Cohesive Soil. 
full text PDF

"Just Add Water", NZ Hydrl. Soc. conference. Palmerston North, 2001.
Stochastic modelling of soil erosion.

12th ISCO conference, Beijing, 2002
Towards a national assessment of erosion-related soil carbon losses in New Zealand (with N.A. Trustrum, K. R. Tate, M.J. Page, W.T. Baisden)
full text PDF
Process-based models for simulation and prediction of erosion-related organic carbon losses on the national scale: an example for New Zealand (with N. Preston, L. Basher, T. Baisden, N. Trustrum, K. Tate). full text PDF
Stochastic modelling of soil erosion and deposition. full text PDF

2-nd International conference "Gully erosion and global changes", Chengdu, 2002
Stochastic modelling of gully erosion

Western Pacific Geophysics Meeting, Wellington, New Zealand, 9-12 July 2002
Soil Organic Carbon Yield from the New Zealand Landscape: A First Approximation.
(with L. Basher, M. Page, I. Lynn, M. Jessen, M. Hicks.)  abstract PDF
A Process-based Modelling Approach for Simulation and Prediction of Erosion-related Organic Carbon Loss (with N. Preston, T. Baisden, N. Trustrum, K. Tate)
An Erosion-related Carbon-loss Budget for New Zealand (with T. Baisden, N. Trustrum, K. Tate)

New Zealand Society of Soil Science conference. Golden Jubilee. Wellington, 2002
Modelling of soil erosion and organic carbon flux in New Zealand at the regional and national scale. poster_TIF R_factor_TIF C_factor_TIF  LS_factor_TIF K_factor_TIF  USLE_TIF
abstract PDF

The New Zealand Hydrological society meeting. "All the easy water is gone", Blenheim, 2002
Modelling of erosion processes on the local, regional and national scale. 
abstract PDF

Australasian Quaternary Association Biennial Conference 2003
Megafloods of the Late Pleniglacial - Younger Dryas in the southern Russian plain (with Andrey Panin, Olga Borisova)
abstract PDF

Int. meeting: Soil erosion and sediment redistribution in river catchments, Silsoe, UK, 2003
Probabilistic modelling of soil erosion and deposition (with V. Nikora, A. Smith). 

COST 623 Final Meeting and Conference, Budapest, 2003
Probabilistic methods of soil erosion evaluation (with V. Nikora, A. Smith).
 abstract PDF
Processes of Erosion and Deposition at the European Russia and Byelorussia (with L.F. Litvin, V.N. Golosov and A.F. Chernysh) abstract PDF

IAHS conference: Sediment Transfer through the Fluvial System, Moscow, 2004
Probability distribution function approach in stochastic modelling of soil erosion (with V. Nikora, A. Smith).
 full text PDF
Alluvial relief structure and bottom sediments of the lower Volga River (with Korotaev V.N., Ivanov V.V.) full text PDF

International Symposium of IGCP 449 project, Malaga, 2004
Modelling of stratigraphic complexes
Moscow-river postglacial history

Sixth International Conference on Geomorphology: geomorphology in regions of environmental contrasts. Sep. 7-11, 2005 Zaragoza (Spain).
Fluvial development in Central Russia in the Late Glacial and the Holocene (with Panin A.V., Sidorchuk A. J, Borisova O.K., Vlasov M.V.)
Third generation of soil erosion models (with V. Nikora)
Complexity of alluvial relief of the largest rivers. 
abstract PDF

Gordon Conference "Past ecosystem processes and human environment interactions", LA, 2005 Mathematical modelling of erosion landscape evolution

14th International Soil Conservation Organization Conference: Water Management and Soil Conservation in Semi-Arid Environments, Marrakech, 2006
Stochastic Mechanics of Soil Erosion (with Vladimir Nikora, Alistair Smith, Roger Nokes, William Veale, Stephan Popinnet, Edward Pinkney, Murray Jessen, Glenn Cooper) 
full text PDF

Open LUCIFS meeting: New trends in Geomorphology: system based understanding of long term man-landscape interactions, Frankfurt, 2006
Long-term numerical modelling of gully erosion and self-organized criticality

International Conference: Soil and Hillslope Management using scenario analysis and runoff-erosion models - a critical evaluation of current techniques Florence - ITALY, 2007
Soil aggregate transport in experimental overland flow (with G. Cooper, J. Schmidt)

10th International Symposium on River Sedimentation, Moscow 2007
Flow and soil aggregate transport variability in experimental shallow overland flow (with G. Cooper, J. Schmidt)

European Geophysical Union General Assembly, Vienna 2011
Geophysical Research Abstracts Vol. 13, EGU2011-1025, 2011
Stochastic theory of soil erosion: the novel approach to modelling and experimentation abstract PDF


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